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  • Winston Hawke

    Xemo transforms the way you commute. It's a smarter way to commute. Our mission is provide you better mobility shuttle services which will help save time, cost and most importantly increase lifestyle quality by putting YOUR time back in YOUR hands.

    Stuck in traffic everyday? Tired of finding car parks at train station? Sick of crowded trains with no seats available?

    The Xemo service is designed to address the exact problems you have every single day - at least the transport ones. We can't change what happens at work, but we can make getting there and back a better experience.

    As a Xemo Shuttle Driver, you will receive a shuttle service request 48 hours before the service is due to commence. The service request will include all the information about the shuttle service. To accept the service, you will have to respond to us immediately.

    Pickup Location
    Drop off Location
    Pickup date and time
    How many shuttle runs we expect from you
    Return trips details
    Expected total shuttle service distance
    Expected fuel allowance based on the service distance
    Expected number of guests (passengers)
    Where to collect the shuttle from
    We will notify all our drivers who are in the service area. It is up to you to accept the service before anyone else, so you have to be quick!

    The rest is simple, you simply:

    Pickup the shuttle at a designated location (e.g. rental car company)
    Arrive at the service Pickup Location
    Pick up all the guest and take them to the destination (drop off location) safely
    Continue the shuttle run
    Return the shuttle at a designated location (e.g. rental car company)
    You will be paid on an hourly rate. The range is around $30-$40 depending on your experience.

    Payment will be electronically transferred weekly.

    That's it!.... Xemo Shuttle is another great way to earn extra income, without the need to use your own cars, just Go and Drive.

    If you have met all the requirements you can now proceed to register to become a Xemo Shuttle Driver. To register, please click here.

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